Please Hold: Monetizing Your Phone Queue

Monetizing your phone queues

It is an open secret that running a business can be an uphill task and one that is demanding at most times due to the various phone chats that you are required to make to your clients. Indeed, the process of managing an enterprise that has an extensive customer base can at times be daunting and challenging. With a broad customer base, you are assured that your customers will spend much of their time calling you to have a phone chat as they inquire about your products and services.

To retain your reputation as a credible business, you will need to respond to clients’ queries via phone chats on time in order to maintain their trust. This article provides you with an my insight on the merits and demerits of putting customers on hold as well as how your business can leverage this in the long run.

As a business owner, you ought to understand that most of your customers get a knot in their bellies each time they are put on hold upon making a call to your organisation. For that reason, it is prudent that you know the best tricks to use during such situations to ensure that clients remain loyal and are satisfied with your services depending on how you handle the situation.

Advantages of Putting your Customers on Hold During Phone Chats

As an enterprise, it is inevitable that once in a while you will have to put your customers on hold. The reason for this may be because there may be a high volume of calls or you may want a particular person to handle that specific request.

However, as a company, you can reap big by putting your customers on hold. Below are some of the advantages that may accrue to your business when you put your customers on hold:

  • You can Put in Place a Reward SystemRewarding your customers is typically a win-win situation for both you and them. Therefore, whenever you put your customers on hold, you should put in place measures that will entice them and make them loyal.The reward mechanisms may consist of discounts and coupons. Did you know that customers who are always rewarded by a business will feel valued by the firm and stay loyal to your products and serves?
  • Putting in Place Personalized on-Hold PlaylistsYou can lighten the mood and lessen your customers’ frustration by playing some good music while you are putting them on hold.
  • Advertising About Your New and Existing ProductsAre you aware that you can use that chance to inform your clients about your latest deals? This will keep them informed and ensure that they get the opportunity to try out the new products or services.

Disadvantages of Putting Customers on Hold

Despite the fact that putting customers on hold may provide some benefits to a firm, it can at times be detrimental and result to customer frustrations. Some of the demerits of putting customers on hold are outlined below:

  • It may lead to customer impatienceThe more you put them on hold, the more they become impatient and may lose their trust in your company. Putting your clients on hold for so long may make them think that they are being sidelined
  • It may lead to a decline in the number of customersYour customers may decide to jump ship and join your rivals since they may feel that they are not valued. This may lead to the eventual collapse of your company.

Putting your customers on hold when they call for a phone chat may have some benefits to your company. Putting clients on hold may be feasible in the long term if done appropriately. However, doing so every so often and with total disregard for your customers’ needs may eventually make you lose your valued clients since they may lose faith in you. Therefore, it is advisable that as you put them on hold, do so infrequently and respond to their inquiries on time. After all, who doesn’t know that the success of a business is built on its customers?

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